What Happens After You Crack The Glass Ceiling

By Emily Peck

As Hillary Clinton makes history, we’re hearing a lot about women breaking through the glass ceiling. Less is said about what awaits on the other side. It’s not always pretty.

Erin Callan knows.

An ambitious Harvard grad born in Queens, Callan started out as a tax attorney for elite law firm Simpson Thacher, before jumping to Lehman Brothers and working her way to chief financial officer in 2007, becoming the first woman ever to sit on the investment bank’s executive committee.

Before her steep fall from grace, she was considered perhaps the most powerful woman on Wall Street, dubbed an “alpha female” by at least one investing magazine.

Callan’s trip to the top serves as a cautionary tale as more women move into the male-dominated corridors of power.

Callan spent years putting in extreme work hours, always prioritizing her career over her personal life, sacrificing boyfriends, time with family, her marriage. And, crucially, not thinking much about the fact that she was pulling ahead in an industry notoriously hostile toward, and devoid of, women.

The now 50-year-old former banker recounts all this with regret in a Read More

Via:: Huffington Post Women