Wanna Play Soundtrack Saturday?

It’s a rather dreary Summer Saturday in Greensboro. The sun keeps threatening to come out, but it never stays present long enough to inspire me to move from my perch behind the computer. But I guess that’s okay since I am putting my time to use by updating and revamping this shared space for us (you’re welcome…lol). But while I was sitting here, several songs that I have loved over the years have been playing and it reminds me of my thing I always do called Soundtrack Saturday. That’s when I post a song to my friends and they respond to one that either falls into the mood of the one I posted or changes the vibe. At the end of the day, we have created today’s Saturday Soundtrack. Wanna Play? Okay, so here’s my song. It’s called Better Days by Janet Jackson. I chose it because I am over here having a pity party because the sun won’t come out so I can play when all I really should be thinking of is the shit I can change. So, I’m doing it! I got off my ass and made some biscuits as an interlude activity. Hey, that’s something!


Which song will you add to the list?

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