Take A Walk

Yesterday, I found myself frustrated by the absolute tedium of the work I was doing. I mean, nothing was going right and after sitting in front of the computer for four long hours only to have accomplished nothing, I decided to take myself for a short walk around the block to cool off and change the scene for a second.  On a Summer day in August, going outdoors is hardly the picture of cooling off, but in this case, it worked wonders for shifting my rapidly rising temper and growing angst.  I was quickly losing cool points with myself and I needed to shift my mood. I threw my sneakers on, grabbed my keys and hit the road.

Before long, I was humming a tune that had been stuck in my head all morning and I was paying attention to the new flowers that were blooming in my neighbor, Ms. Pinky’s front flowerbeds. I took a minute to watch two squirrels play tag on the wire above my head and I even found myself gazing at the clouds going by for a moment in time.  And for that small second, I realized that my world was amazingly simple and purely perfect. And to think all it took was a short walk from my house, around the corner and back.

As mothers, we don’t always get to take a spa day in order to hit the reset button in our lives, but on days when it gets to be a bit overmuch, take a walk…just put a little distance between yourself and the thing that is causing you discomfort or dismay. You’re a clever lady; you will figure out how to solve for X tomorrow, but for this right now second, just breathe in all that summer goodness in the air, put your feet in the grass and look up at the sky. Say a quick prayer of thankfulness and trust that all problems have solutions, but you don’t have to find it today. Today, my friend, we walk!