Tips for Connecting With the Quiet Child

By Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

Do you notice that your child or teen seems to be keeping to herself or himself a lot more lately? Although this child has always been “close-to-the-vest” with feelings, you sense she or he needs you now, maybe more than ever, and you want to help. During his or her her youngest years, there was affection and cuddling, but now there seems to be too much distance.

Both young girls and boys can be hard to engage just when they need it the most, what can you do to help without being too intrusive?

Finding Special Moments

• One way of approaching your child or teen without broaching a problem topic, per se, is just by spending special moments. You might be emptying the dishwasher when he’s nearby, so you just do it all a lot more slowly. Instead of it being a chore, it becomes time together.

• Instead of rushing your child to the school bus, offer to drive her, so she can sleep in and then have more time with you on the ride. It’s amazing sometimes how a little more rest and unexpected time together brings on some conversation. Or, even if you both remain quiet, there is that needed Read More

Via:: Huffington Post Parenting