the history of women

why is it so hard for the world to remember the great women of history?

perhaps because the histories of all things great and fantastic
are mostly told and subsequently, revered by men.
And that is because women are rarely motivated
by the need to leave a legacy.
and that is because we know that we are
the parchment on which God writes the epic and enduring truths.
we know we’re as vital to the existence of God
as He is to us
so whether our name will live beyond us
doesn’t ever come into play when deciding
the required response.
we keep our eyes forever forward,
darting between what is seen and what we sense.

but we grow weary.

must we keep our daggers drawn and razor sharp
even if he says the magic word
and looks like love
and smells like tomorrows?
we hope but we can never trust.
always secretly praying he holds the heart
we’ll never have to rip open.
yet, if we must draw blood
and cut the cord that binds us,
we mercifully divert our eyes
so you don’t see the shame we bear on your behalf.
but when will we acknowledge
how your absence has worn away at our devotion
even as our tears keep us rusted in place?

we’ve grown weary of this lynchpin position.

yet you seem so content not to know
that while we, the women,
your women,
have been stalwart and skillful lovers
we’ve also been the fierce and formidable enemies of anyone
who will come up against our collective truth,
who says we are not fair,
or strong.
or worthy of life,
or loving.

we have grown weary.

yet we continue to take the necessary actions,
sacrificing our individual best interest
for the collective whole.
women are the willing warriors.
we stand on our square and fight,
shoulder to shoulder–and, sometimes,
shoulders above the men on the battlefield with
and, at times, seemingly against us.

we are the undecorated Generals,
we receive no medals though we soldier on
strategically plotting
the course until victory is won.
and if you bring it, we will come.
we understand the necessity of scrimmage,
but we don’t come to play.
and we’ll go down the field until the green is gone
because we know the fight is blood for blood.

ours is a magic that allows us to look beyond what we can see
and calculate the cost of every errant and intentional action.
we recognize that we’re fighting for the future
of our Mother’s ancestors
and in so doing, we ensure that
all of humanity has a history to be told.