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I’ve been working with families for more than 15 years now. My first experience and invitation into the room of the just born was when supporting my sister who was pregnant with twins and, at the last minute, developed pre-eclampsia and had to be transferred to the OR for an emergency C-Section.

I was allowed to attend her throughout the procedure and I stayed with her for hours as she recovered. The nurse who was assigned to her asked me if I was a Doula. I had never heard of the term so I asked her to elaborate. She told me that it was a fairly new career in childbirth and that I seemed to have the skill set and the compassion needed to support women in this way. After becoming trained as a Doula, I also trained to become a Childbirth Educator and Lactation Peer Counselor, rounding out my ability to support women through every phase of pregnancy, childbirth and the early parenting years.

Through these trainings, I learned the necessity of working with women in a culturally sensitive way. I discovered that women of color have the least opportunities to have the birth experience of their choosing, with support that takes into account her unique needs and point of view. I have loved working with all kinds of families, but I am most proud of my work with women of color and helping them become better informed about their birth options, providing them with education that is relevant to their family’s needs, and connecting them to resources available to them that they may have been unaware of. My work as a Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Peer Counselor continues and I will continue to help empower other women to explore careers in Women’s Services.


Here are some testimonials from some of our previous clients:


Before meeting Mama J (JamillahNeeairah), I had no idea what it meant to have a peaceful natural water birth with the option of setting the tone for what I wanted my birthing process to be. Mama J was not only my Doula, but my sister, friend and mother. Because of her, I truly understand the importance and magnitude of birthing freedom and expression. If it’s not Mama J, Your birth may not go your way!

Iyaifasola Oyetunde – Mother of Six Wonderful Children


Jamillah was my doula for the birth of my daughter YoAnna in 2004. She was super professional and had a great sense of humor keeping the energy light when I was going through those difficult moments. Jamillah was great and even came prepared to stay with us as long as we needed her to. After the birth, she came back and checked in and gave me advice on easier breastfeeding techniques. I’m glad that she was part of my precious moment. She was perfect in every way!

Skai Davis – Birthing Advocate, Organic Farmer, Vegan Chef and Mother of Five


I had decided to hire a Doula when pregnant with my second child. I was disappointed with my first birthing experience and wanted this one to be more natural and soothing. Well, JamillahNeeairah made my experience just that and more! She visited with my family ahead of time to share natural effective breathing and laboring techniques; she helped us to understand birthing as a natural (non-medical) process which really helped me envision and create a more soothing birthing process for myself. During my labor, she was an angel who comforted me and my husband and advocated for me, ensuring that we all stuck to the birthing plan that she had helped me develop. Finally, after all the birthing and laboring was done, she delivered delicious meals to our home to help round off her fully nurturing services. I don’t just recommend “Mama J” as a Doula; I HIGHLY recommend her, without any hint of reservation. You will not be sorry!

Dr. Dawn Hicks Tafari – Educator, Birth Advocate and Mother of Two


You were my Doula when I had my first child, right after you had learned about this healing work. I, as well as MANY OTHER women in this town (Baltimore, MD), had never heard or considered birth work until you learned, researched, assisted and shared this wonderful ancestral rite with whoever was interested. How many women did you assist and/or train? Have you ever counted? So many were inspired by this magnificent gift you have.

Cher Cuffie-Samateh – Visual Artist, Jeweler, Performer, and Mother of Two


Jamillah (Neeairah) was an awesome birth attendant. When I started experiencing labor pains, I called and she was there immediately. She was very calming and supportive to me, though I was in a lot of pain and a bit panicked. The labor was a very long 26 hours and she was there pretty much the entire time. She assisted me with slow, deep breathing and she rubbed my back to help comfort me. I know that Neeairah’s assistance helped me to endure such a strenuous and life-changing experience. For her, I am thankful!

Akua Zenzele, ND – Entrepreneur, Naturopathic Doctor and Mother


It was wonderful knowing my sister was working with someone as knowledgeable as Jamillah. We knew that whatever happened in the delivery room, Jamillah would give the mother-to-be’s wellbeing and feelings priority. Her calming, confident demeanor was so comforting. We’ve recommended her to many.

Lisa F. Rawlings – Family member of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore


I meet JamillahNeeairah through my wife while we were early in our pregnancy. JamillahNeeairah remained in contact with my wife throughout the pregnancy and made several home visits. She was very involved and made sure my wife understood her rights as an expecting mother. When my wife went into labor, JamillahNeeairah came to the hospital and coached my wife for the entire labor, making sure she had everything that she needed, including assisting with the pool setup for the waterbirth.  She also worked with our nurses during the delivery and relayed the information to make sure that my wife’s wishes were well understood. JamillahNeeairah is an outstanding midwife (doula) and I could tell that she really loves that she does.

Oyesina Ogunmola –  Husband, client and father of six


Ms. Jamillah is one of the greatest Doulas (just to name one of her many great talents which include being an Herbalist, Pregnancy Counselor, and Life Advisor).  In November of 2014, I reached out to her in order to inquire more about her role as a Doula.  She immediately welcomed me with open arms and was ready to serve on sight. I felt so much love from her and it seemed that I could feel stress just leaving my body and mind.

I have always been a fan of Natural Birthing, and with Ms. Jamillah’s assistance, we made it happen this go round. As a victim of two previous forced cesareans, I was led to believe that natural birthing was damn near impossible for me. Thank heavens for the Greatest Doula Ever.  She guided me through my journey every step of the way; from offering recipes for herbal concoctions for myself and my other two children who took sick during this pregnancy, to tools and products used to help my cervix “get in formation,” to references on other matters in life that didn’t involve birthing a child. I was filled with so much peace during this pregnancy. Her post-partum care was also lovely; she did a home visit at which so much needed informative was dished out to me about self-care and self-love! We have stayed connected and have even had a few dates with all three children. I will choose Ms. JamillahNeeairah Nasir anytime and suggest you should too.

Shanteisha Austin- Mother of Three, CNA & Natural Hair Care Specialist