Some women buying used pregnancy tests to entrap men

(NaturalNews) An unmarried and undecided man is on his way home when he receives a phone call from his girlfriend. They’ve been dating on and off for many months now; she wants a commitment. He’s undecided. When he hears her voice come through the line, it’s unsteady, but giddy with …

Birth Planning

The following is a resource I discovered while tripping through the Internet on your behalf, looking for a nice template for composing your Birth Preference Statement for your Maternity Care Team.  Here is the link…hope you find it useful:


Childbirth dot org – Birth Planning.

Real Woman’s Work Blog

I have been struggling with the production of this website for about three years now, if you can believe that! Undertakings like web development were never my strong suit and I have never been very much of a tech chic, for that matter. the learning curve is too curvy for …