Summer = Roughin’ It!

There’s no better way to put your life into perspective than getting out of your regularly scheduled routine; and what better way to do it than to spend a few hours living in the great outdoors? Well, you don’t have to move into the outdoors per se, but you can make a decision to take time to venture outside of the confines of indoor spaces and explore the wild within your own heart. Whether you choose tent camping for a weekend, living out of your car for an overnight experiment, or staying at your Uncle Dick’s cabin in the woods for a retreat from reality, being away from your things would help you to hit the reset button on your life and take you outside of your regularly scheduled programming. So, don’t be afraid to move away from living in your four walls! Get on out there!

If you can’t get to the cabin and you still have cabin fever, I have found that you can pitch a tent in your backyard and move all of your favorite books and a few snacks into it and live there for an afternoon, holding all calls and leaving all electronic media behind. You could take a short drive to a local park and spend the day just sitting under a tree talking to the squirrels, as long as you don’t expect them to talk back. Something I do regularly is to take a tour of my town on foot. I head out with nothing more than a regular knapsack full of only the essentials and try to see if you can stay out all day. You’d be surprised by how much more of your town you can see if you are walking versus riding or driving. There are little nooks and side streets that you wouldn’t even know existed, and down those meandering side streets, you often can find the quaintest little shops and cool places to catch a coffee and a chat. Each time you do it, you can head to a different part of town. If you walk too far and your legs become too tired to carry you back, you can phone for a pickup or get a bus and see more of the town from a different mode of transportation than you usually take.

The point is to take as much time as you need, make it simple and doable, don’t wait for the perfect time or the perfect way. Just get out, and rough it! It will help to smooth you out!

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