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Sweet Mama J's Kitchen

In 2017, I embarked upon a very cool venture.

I have always prepared food for my friends, family and the mothers in my community. In fact, I've always provided food as fuel for anyone who comes to sit at my table, but in 2015, I started doing catering for women's retreats and other local events just to see if I could and wanted to do it on a larger scale. It was fun and I really thought about expanding that project but didn't give it too much thought.

Well, last year, I had a wonderful opportunity to sell my items at a local open air market here in Greensboro, NC called the Grove Street People's Market and it has been absolutely fantastic! This is my second season providing my wares for this market and this year, I have also worked with a few private clients, providing great vegetarian and vegan meals. So, here, I will provide some cool recipes, tips and pointers that will help you find your optimal wellbeing

Travel and Adventure

The Journeys Continue

At this stage of my life and development as a BigWoman, the main thing I want to do is see more of the world and explore all opportunities for growth, love and change. Here are a few photos of some of the coolest trips I have taken over the last year or so, with some of the coolest folks I know!