Our Services

Nurse Holding Medical Chart

Prenatal Information

Childbirth Education Courses
Information about Birth Options
Assistance Developing a Birth (Preference Statement) Plan
Accompaniment to Prenatal Visits
Pregnancy Support Groups
Nutritional Counseling
Lending Library
Prenatal Yoga and Massage Referrals
Birth Blessings/Baby Showers
Consultations for Natural Healing Products and Herbal Remedies
Pregnancy Photography
Belly Cast and Henna Artist Referrals

Full Labor Support

Continuous Companionship Throughout Labor
Comfort Measures/Labor Management Techniques (hot/cold compresses, aromatherapy, positioning guidance, massage, and more)
Guided Breathing and Visualization Techniques
Advocate on Mother’s Behalf Throughout Birth
Reassure, Aid and Involve the Partner in the Birthing Process

Postpartum Assistance

Breastfeeding Assistance
Tips and Pointers to Smooth the Transition into New Parenthood
Sibling Sharing Sessions
Light Housekeeping and Errands
Meal Preparation
Parenting Support Groups

Within the Western birth model, drugs and interventions have become commonplace and preferable over the communal support of other women and various other natural methods of childbirth that are more traditional and far less invasive in nature. The introduction of institutionalized childbirth has shifted the focus away from women’s intuitive knowing, has stripped us of an awareness of her emotional needs during labor, and has given way to the speed and convenience of scheduled hospital procedures that only serve to benefit the medical profession.

At Woman’s Work, we know that “women working with women works.” Traditional wisdom and our years of professional training allow us to support and encourage you in ways you will treasure and think fondly of for years to come.  We would be honored to be present with you as you take your place in the “Circle of Womanness.” We offer a suite of high quality services designed to support and nurture you and your family from pregnancy, throughout labor and into the vast territory that is parenthood.