Menopause, Motherwort and other Herbal Hormone Helpers

This morning I woke up feeling kinda ‘blah.’ I mean, it doesn’t help that it’s dreary outside and I had Fun Saturday Fantasies dancing in my head all week about what I was gonna do and now I don’t want to move at all! And I was already in a place from yesterday, so I guess I allowed the vibe to carry forward a little bit. But I also know that it is close to my Ladies Days, and sometimes it gets a little funky emotionally. These are the days when I usually put the “Q” on my own door and stay behind it for the sake of those folks who gotta share the house with me.

Which made me think about my hormones and whether they could be helped by the use of any number of herbs I have on hand that addresses mood and might level me out.

Then, I remembered that I have this book that is about Menopause and the fluctuating nature of our aging bodies and what we need to do to stay in balance. This list is taken from the book “New Menopausal Years – The Wise Woman Way by Susun S. Weed. It’s a remarkable book, although it is not the only one I would address on the topic of Menopause. But this is because ownership of these books is likened to having a collective owner’s manual for the Aging Female Anatomy and Physiology; something we should all aspire to know more about so that we can understand what the fuck is really going on inside our bodies and tolerate this rewiring of the mind.

Anyway, I digress!

Here is the list of herbs that are helpful for balancing hormones and they promote estrogen production. These are the ones you use when your menses is scanty, early or irregular and they include:

alfalfa and red clover
hops (the female flowers)
pomegranate seeds
black cohosh
licorice roots
sage leaves
dong quai

Here is a list of hormone balancing herbs that promote and increase the progesterone levels in the boy and these are the ones you choose when your menopausal menses come too often:

chaste tree/vitex berries
yarrow flowers and leaves
sarsaparilla roots
wild yam roots

I personally recommend Motherwort for all things! I mean, it’s a great herb to use at any stage of the Womanness experience. It helps make hot flashes more bearable, lessens the frequency of night sweats, eases the emotional mood swings I get and it seems to help me stay centered inside of myself more than if I don’t take it. I use the herb, but I have also made a tincture from it and I keep it on my nightstand. I urge you to look into the healing power of Motherwort, also known as Cronewort and Artemesia…but no matter what name you call her, make her your new friend, Honey Darlin’!

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