How Women Became A Powerful Political Force In The Democratic Party

By Amanda Terkel

PHILADELPHIA ― This is the night that Ellen Malcolm has been waiting for almost her whole life.

Malcolm, now 69, and a few friends got together in 1985 to figure out how to get more women into office. They saw a chance to harness the collective power of women, who weren’t big campaign contributors. The plan was to get money to female candidates early in their campaigns ― a way of convincing the old boys’ network that they could be viable and deserving of establishment support.

Today, EMILY’s List ― now run by Stephanie Schriock ― has more than 3 million members and has raised more than $26 million from over 81,000 people, making it one of the most successful political action committees. Since its founding, it’s elected 110 women to the House, 19 to the Senate, 11 to gubernatorial seats and more than 700 to state and local positions.

And on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton will take the stage and accept the Democratic nomination for president, making her the first woman in U.S. history to be at the top of a major party’s ticket.

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