Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

Sometimes, you don’t get to control what time you have to take a break for lunch because it is decided by time and other people. So, you head out for lunch only to realize you really don’t feel hungry but you damn sure don’t want to head back inside either.

So, how can you make that small chunk of time add value to your life and prevent yourself from eating just out of habit? Why not find other cool uses of your time? Here’s the start of a brief list of cool things you can do, and you should add your own activities to this list regularly; this is just an idea-generatingĀ list. If you begin to think of the best uses of your time, you will definitely find more creative ways to spend it than deciding between whether to have the deluxe cheeseburger or add fries and a drink!

Okay, so, here’s the list:

  • Take an aerobics class
  • Walk around the track or around the few block radius of your building
  • Watch YouTube videos about a new skill you want to acquire
  • Take a walk through an arboretum or another beautiful and visibly rich outdoor space
  • Hit the sauna or the steam room at the gym, whether you worked out or not
  • Meditate and daydream about the life you are moving toward
  • Do a twenty-minute yoga session
  • Get a massage
  • Treat yourself to a manicure
  • Walk through an art exhibit
  • Listen to an audiobook in the park
  • Take a lesson on a foreign language through an app
  • Watch the birds and otherĀ  wildlife in your area
  • Be still and silent

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