Dear Family Whisperer: Our Baby Screams When My Husband Touches Her

By Melinda Blau

Dear Family Whisperer, I have a question that relates to relationships, family, bonding and babies am hoping you can shed some light or offer advice on our predicament. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl at home in April 24, 2016. Since about 3 – 4 weeks of age, she screams to the point of hoarseness when my husband (her father) touches her or tries to do anything with her. We are now at 3 months and it is to the point that she cries at the sight of him. This is both difficult and stressful, as I can tell that my husband feels hurt, rejected, irritated and annoyed. In addition, we have two other children (2 & 8), whom I would love to spend time with but due to my baby girl’s reaction to Dad, she is primarily dependent on me. Please help, this is tearing me to pieces on the inside.
Desperate Mother

Dear Desperate Mother,
To be honest, I first thought I’d send you a short private response by email, saying, “Please seek professional help.” I stand by that advice. Certainly, not having any details — and being journalist, not a doctor — my answer Read More

Via:: Huffington Post Parenting