Take A Walk

Yesterday, I found myself frustrated by the absolute tedium of the work I was doing. I mean, nothing was going right and after sitting in front of the computer for four long hours only to have accomplished nothing, I decided to take myself for a short walk around the block to cool off and change the scene for a second.  On a Summer day in August, going outdoors is hardly the picture of cooling off, but in this case, it worked wonders for shifting my rapidly rising temper and growing angst.  I was quickly losing cool points with myself and I needed to shift my mood. I threw my sneakers on, grabbed my keys and hit the road.

Before long, I was humming a tune that had been stuck in my head all morning and I was paying attention to the new flowers that were blooming in my neighbor, Ms. Pinky’s front flowerbeds. I took a minute to watch two squirrels play tag on the wire above my head and I even found myself gazing at the clouds going by for a moment in time.  And for that small second, I realized that my world was amazingly simple and purely perfect. And to think all it took was a short walk from my house, around the corner and back.

As mothers, we don’t always get to take a spa day in order to hit the reset button in our lives, but on days when it gets to be a bit overmuch, take a walk…just put a little distance between yourself and the thing that is causing you discomfort or dismay. You’re a clever lady; you will figure out how to solve for X tomorrow, but for this right now second, just breathe in all that summer goodness in the air, put your feet in the grass and look up at the sky. Say a quick prayer of thankfulness and trust that all problems have solutions, but you don’t have to find it today. Today, my friend, we walk!

Give It A Rest!!!

Lately, I’ve been hearing from mothers who are experiencing issues with insomnia that lasts for quite a few weeks after they’ve had their baby. I, of course, gave them the static advice one gives–like turning off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime and not having screens in the bedroom, …

Here We Go Again

Okay, so it seems that every year, I go through the task of revamping my website and this year I feel lucky that I cut my hair shorter so I don’t have to pull it out because this time, I’ve REALLY done it, folks!   I got the bright idea …

the history of women

why is it so hard for the world to remember the great women of history? perhaps because the histories of all things great and fantastic are mostly told and subsequently, revered by men. And that is because women are rarely motivated by the need to leave a legacy. and that …