Our Care Philosophy

Black Midwife holding Black BabyWe know and understand that birth is inherently a natural event that we women have managed to cooperate with and respect  since time immemorial. The survival of our species depends greatly on our ability and willingness to continue to undertake this very primal event. We know that even on the occasion when medical assistance is needed, birth is not, and should never be thought as a ‘medical event’–and should not be treated as such. It’s important that every childbearing women be treated with dignity and respect at all times, and given the proper information that allows her to make informed decisions that are best for her  family, in cooperation with her team of care providers.  It is always our aim to ensure that our clients feel respected, safe, heard, empowered and supported throughout their birthing experience, no matter what choices she ultimately makes for herself and her family.

At Woman’s Work, we know that each woman is different, and will have her own picture of the ideal birth and what that looks like.  We will always be respectful and accepting of whatever a woman feels she needs to do in order to bring life forward under the best conditions for her own desired outcome.   We further believe that information helps families better navigate their birthing options, so we lead them to resources that will help them explore the process of birth in a very thoughtful and conscious way.

We believe the parents are primarily responsible for their own child and how they come to this reality, and as long as  parents have the expert advice of their care providers, they are the ones best able to make  decisions about  how labor and birth should proceed.  We feel that labor should proceed at its own pace, and that the process of labor and birth  should not be changed unless it is mutually agreed upon by the mother and the presiding medical professional on her team.  It is our belief that even minor medical interventions during labor often lead to other more invasive interventions, and we encourage our clients to avoid them whenever possible.

We hope to have the pleasure of serving your family,  and if you select our service, we pledge to work to ensure that we offer you quality services that are responsive to the needs of your individual family and desired birthing outcome.


Best Birthing Blessings,


Woman’s Work Care Team