Aloe Is A Strong Ally For Health and Well-being (And It Tastes Strong, Too)

Aloe Vera is a wonderful medicinal plant with powerful internal and eternal healing properties. It’s been said that it soothes the digestive tract, but it also reduces inflammation, regulates elimination adn heals eternal wounds. Everywhere you look, there are versions of this healthy drink in varying flavors and colors, but you can easily make your own healthy version right in your own home. I really like the ones that have the little bits of pulp in them, but you can just blend it a little less, and there you’ll have it! But the process of making your own really is simple:

Purchase an organically grown plant from your local farmer’s market and you can use it as needed by cutting away a small piece of the plant every time. You can also find larger leaves in your local bodega or international marketplace, but be sure to ask how it is sourced if you’re concerned about whether it’ss organic. Take whatever size of the leaf you’ve decided on, and cut away the outside prickly part of skin. Then, using a sharp knife, you can slide the blade under the green outer skin, exposing the gelatinous innards of the plant and scrape it into a glass container, doing your best to avoid collecting the outer leaf. A good dosage is usually about 1-2 Tbsp and it can be added to your smoothies at the very end of your preparation if you just aren’t sure you can handle the taste of it alone. But it can even be added to water and consumed for medicinal purposes; just keep in mind that it has a very strong taste, and it’s nothing nice unless you flavor it with fruits like strawberries or mangoes. anything you can use to mask the taste. A good way to consume it is to source a large amount of it and blend it with mango puree and freeze it in ice cubes overnight. When it is solidified, you can place those cubes in a freezer bag or container and plop them into whatever beverage you’re making. This is a way to get the prepping done in one fell swoop and keep yourself from talking your way out of using it.

Let me just say, for the record, that this is one of the most effective remedies I have found for curing constipation. If you find yourself literally full of shit and want to force yourself to void healthily and cleanse your body, this is definitely a way to go! I have also bought the resin powder at the health food store, filled gel caps with it and taken two capsules along with plenty of water fr a faster result. But I must warn you, this is one of the most acrid tasting elements you will ever put in your mouth, so if your gag reflex is still strong, you may not be able to get the capsules down. Even with the powder safely inside the capsule, you will taste the bitterness of the herb that lingers on the outside of the capsule and you will never forget it!

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