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Every good time is enhanced by the presence of good food and the right people to share it with, so we will be sharing cool recipes and great tips on the best places to eat and shop throughout the county and beyond.

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Meet Your Tour Guides

This is the crew of women who are going to be walking with me and us along this jouney: This may change and expand as our mission becomes more clearly defined


J Neeairah Nasir ( Jai)

CEO of Brazen Badassery at Woman's Work


Queen Epps

Contributing Guest Blogger and Vice President of Renegade Adventures at Woman's Work

Ageless Womanness As An Elevated Artform!

As aging women, we are often sent very derogatory messages about the value we now have in society.

When a woman is no longer in her childbearing years, especially if she is not someone's "significant other," she is often relegated to being treated as an irrelevant.presence in the minds of those she is not serving with her life anymore (like our children, our spouses, and our communities). Sometimes, even we ourselves embrace this narrative and take it on as our own, but I don't recommend it--and I hope you will join me in writing a whole new storyline!

I designed this blog as a guide for myself and other women as we engage in the process of "becoming" more of ourselves as we age. I intend to be very naked, honest and real and I hope you will be inspired by the steps I take to add greater value and deeper meaning to my life at this stage of my development as a woman. the allow me to be my most unencumbered self while I share my thoughts about the process and what I've done so far that's allowed me to age gracefully. (Secretly, it's mostly by incorporating mindful practices like yoga and meditation, eating alot and eating well, walking more than riding, and creatively cussing continuously!)


So, What Now?...

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