The BigWoman’s Badass Pledge

I pledge allegiance to Myself and the Everlasting Healing Power of the Divine Within!

I pledge to commit fully to the act of becoming an actualized BigWoman, whose only job is to discover what evokes personal satisfaction in my life from here on out.

I pledge to find and assign blissful meaning to even the mundane aspects of day to day living, and to give myself over to the desire to discover pleasure from all life has to offer.

I pledge to commit to the act of serving myself through service to others, and I promise to grow through every challenge that life brings my way with grace, dignity, and a good disposition.

I pledge to do my best to overcome all obstacles to my personal growth and development and to rise to every occasion that requires me to stretch myself beyond the boundaries of My Self as I know know it.

I pledge to blaze a brilliant trail for all the women who dare to follow me, AND…I pledge to WIN!!!

Written by J Neeairah Nasir

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