5 Things To Pay Attention To During The Monsoon

By Devishobha Ramanan

Everyone loves the rains. The monsoons bring with them a certain romanticism, some magical quality to the days. Which poet worthy of his salt has not courted the sights and smells of the first showers?

Yet, the monsoon can bring a lot of grief with it – especially in the case of babies and school-going children. Parenting for millennials can turn a nightmare between sick children and work schedules that simply don’t let up.

The good news is that these can be avoided by taking a few simple measures.


Stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables as Nature has a way of power-packing all the required nutrients for the season. Leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower etc need special care while washing as they might carry microbes from the rain water into your kitchen. Avoid street food, or even eating outside as far as possible. Being consistent with home-cooked food is a great way to boost immunity. Hot/warm soups carry a special appeal during the monsoons and can be an easy option to get the required nutrition to the kids.


Water-borne diseases take on a fresh lease of life during the monsoons. Sterilize feeding bottles and other utensils that are Read More

Via:: Huffington Post Parenting