Travel and Leisure Tips

Taking the epic adventure of a lifetime? Learning to ride a bike for the first time as a Big Woman? Teaching yourself a conversational language? Taking on the challenge to read a book a week? Wanna eat your way across the country? Here is where we discuss it all!

Spiritual Health and Personal Wellbeing

Are you on a mission to discover more of who you are as a woman and what your purpose is in life now that you’ve become “A Woman of a Certain Age?” Need guideposts along the way? Wanna learn how the experience of menopause can ground you into a deeper spiritual awakening? Here is where it all begins!

The Search for Satisfaction

Being a woman at any age is challenging, but it is especially so when you’ve lived a life of conformity for years. Here is where we will learn and discover how to break the habit of living within the lines that have already been drawn and find our own brand of beautiful and explore the importance of personal bravery

Finding Yourself Is An Artform

Have you ever stopped and thought about what components have come together to define you as a woman? What is really required in order for you to feel like an accomplished woman now that you are older? What will you do differently in this space of time that you didn’t do with the first half of your existence? Here, we will learn together how to piece together a life from the ashes of yesterday and sashay into a beautiful and purposeful tomorrow with grace and dignity. Let’s do it together!






Where The Road Begins

Well, you’ve heard what we’re up to, you can see the direction we’re going in, and now you know whether you want to join us…if you do, here’s a great place to start

Yes, Let The Fun Begin!